A repository of standard test images for Images.jl


On Linux and OSX, this should install automatically. If you find yourself missing most of the images described below, please try Pkg.build("TestImages"), which should trigger another attempt to download the standard images.

In case you would like to download other images from the repository not in the standard set, you can call the testimage with the image name and it will be downloaded from the repository.

On Windows, the download command, used to download images from the archives, is not fully supported. You can manually download the files listed in deps\build.jl from the images folder of the gh-pages branch of this repository and place them in TestImages\images.


using TestImages
img = testimage("cameraman")

The standard test images are downloaded to an images/ directory inside this package. Any image file stored in this directory is accessible through the testimage function. You can supply the file extension (e.g., ".png", ".tif", etc), but it is not required.

In case the image is not present locally, the testimage function will check the online repository and download it for you.


Anyone can contribute images to this repository by submitting a pull request at the github repo. Do check the images for copyright or license issues before submitting.

The following steps should be followed to add an image/imageset to the repository:

Now that the images are added to the repository, maintainers will then create a tag v*-artifacts and release an tarball artifact for this commit. After that we need to modify the source files of the TestImages.jl package to make them available for download.

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